Welcome to the MUsic Technology Online Repository

MUTOR offers open courses and license-free teaching materials for distant and blended learning in music technology. The repository was designed to answer to the needs of bachelor and master students as well as the general public interested in questions such as “what is multimedia (in a primarily musical context)”, “how do we perceive and process music cognitively”, “what is microtonality”, “how do we synthesize new sounds”, “how do we combine sounds with images”, “how do we move sounds in space”, “how do we track the movements and gestures of performers” and many more. Currently, we have completed a course on The Science of Music and are starting a second one on The History and Practice of Multimedia. So enjoy the content that we have already created and stay tuned for more.

We would like to thank the HOOU GmbH for their support.

The Science of Music

This particular class is about The Science of Music: From the physics of sound generation to the cognitive abilities of humans to listen to music and to be moved by it. It has a total of 12 units — each unit composed of a synopsis, specific content, quizzes and a section with references. A large number of images, animations, (interactive) audio and video examples are used within these units to make asynchronous and blended learning a pleasant experience. In these units, the focus is both on scientific research as well as the artistic application thereof. The materials are supplemented by Max patches (see cycling74).

Through the gradual learning of these units, you will get an overview of current practices in the fields of psychology of music and their application to multimedia composition. You will be able to competently discuss the impact of cognitive science on the understanding and appreciation of music and to gain insight into current research projects in these fields.