Event Part1

June 16, 2021, 6:30pm UTC+2

Konstantina Orlandatou (HfMT)

Konstantina Orlandatou

Virtual Reality (VR) has been a useful tool for many applications as well as designing experiences: from training simulations to immersive gaming experiences. Although VR already exists since the late 60s and technological advances make it more and more popular these days, still not everyone has an access to a headset or possesses one at home. We have some way to go before we can become the natives of this new medium. So what can we do with it in between? What are the benefits, constraints and challenges that this new medium brings along and how can we use this medium to create new artistic works?

Konstantina Orlandatou studied composition and music theory in Athens, Multimedia Composition (MA) at the University of Music and Drama in Hamburg and did her PhD in Systematic Musicology at the University of Hamburg (thesis with the working title "Synaesthetic and intermodal audio-visual perception: an experimental research"). As an active multimedia artist and musicologist she focuses on topics such as interactions between auditory and visual perception, visual mental imagery to music, synaesthesia and virtual reality. Currently she is leading the project "Moving Sound Pictures" in the University of Music and Drama in Hamburg, where she uses VR technologies to merge visual arts and music into one immersive interactive experience.

More information on the project you can find here.